Friday, 30 January 2009

Painting courses

kervéguen art offers courses for all abilities in watercolours and oil painting, run by Emma Akroyd, a qualified art teacher. You will enjoy the benefit of one-on-one or small group tuition, and the inspiration that is the rugged and diverse landscape of Finistère.


Emma has been an art lecturer in further education for the last seven years before moving to France with her young family, and setting up her own studio, atelier de kervéguen.

Emma started her art career at Bradford College of Art before going on to study for a degree at the Hull School of Art and Design. It was while she was here that she gained the opportunity of studying at the Academy of the Plastic Arts in Prague, learning traditional oil painting techniques and igniting her interest in classical painting. After finishing her degree in 2000, Emma then went on to study for a PGCE in post 16 education, becoming a qualified lecturer in 2001. As well as lecturing in college during this period, Emma initiated a number of art courses within the local community and undertook private tuition.


The courses start at beginner level, for people with little or no experience of painting. The client is introduced, within a friendly and relaxed environment, to the joys of watercolour or oil painting. The course is tailored to the wishes of the individual and can consist of just two sessions of two hours each, or can be several sessions, taking place over the duration of the week.

The next level of tuition is intermediate, where the client has a sound grounding in either watercolours or oil paints and would like to build on their experience. Again the lessons take place in two hour sessions that can be arranged to suit individual requirements.

The final level of tuition available is advanced. This is designed for those who have a keen interest and a good understanding and knowledge of using either watercolours or oil paints.

Once you have selected a course, and indicated your preference on the gite booking form, Emma will contact you to discuss course content and tailor the sessions to your individual requirements.The prices for tuition start from £68 for two beginner’s two hour sessions and include all the materials you will need. For a comprehensive list of all the prices please contact us. Discounts are available for group bookings.

The timing of sessions can be organised, in advance, according to your holiday plans.